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Hydraulic Pressing Machine CLH 1000

Wire rope pressing machine CLH series new product.The aluminum metal alloy inhibits to spread extensively among nations,making manufacturing size accurate,the structure is simple and direct.

CLH series pressing machine is we combine with market condition,the independence develops the new model of production,the machine's craft technique is more perfect,structure reasonable,hard enduring,operate a humanization,extensively applied in each big mineral mountain,metallurgy,power station,petroleum,port etc.

Hydraulic Pressing Machine CLH 1000

Characteristics of pressed wire rope slings

High working load limit

Perfect pressed shape

Excellent cauterization resistance

Saving wire rope cost

Ensure the exact length

Advanced technics and efficiency

Good solution to rigging works with limited working space

MAX.dia.in one pressing)mmФ20Ф28Ф38Ф42Ф48Ф52Ф62
(MAX.dia.with multi bite pressing)mmФ22Ф32Ф40Ф44Ф50Ф56Ф65
(MAX.piston movement)mm80140140180180220220
(Piston working movement)mm506090100110130190
(MAX.working pressure)Mpa28284528402828
(The up speed of piston)mm/sec4.
(The down speed of piston)mm/sec68.88.88.776.45.1

MAX.dia.in one pressing(mm)φ52
MAX.dia.with multi bite pressing(mm)φ56
MAX.piston movement(mm)220
Piston working movement(mm)130
MAX.working pressure(Mpa)28
The up speed of piston(mm/sec)3.1
The down speed of piston(mm/sec)6.4