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Common Situation of Link Chains Maintenance

May. 02, 2017

Link Chains should maintain regularly. General our new car is a layer of oil, here mean the chain, but that oil is not lubricating oil, should be done to protect the oil, is to take into account the storage chain may be longer, to avoid the chain rust corrosion. Riding a period of time, the need for oil, the purpose of oil is too much, this must remember that we may have seen some people car chain, flywheel ah are black, oil, sticky. Sometimes some people’s car chain, flywheel are black, oil barking, sticky look, but this is the most taboo, so that the typical is more oil. Such a car in the ride is easy to sticky ash, whether it is national or mountain road, a long time riding down more dirty, glued to the chain and the flywheel on the sand and the car will be involved in the run together. If you follow the normal maintenance of oil, then it can run at least 7, 8km above.

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