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Appearance Inspection and Testing Method of Link Chains

May. 04, 2017

The Link Chains appearance inspection:

1.Whether inside/outside the chain is deformed, cracks, embroidery or not?

2.Whether the pin deformation or rotation?

3.Roller can not cracked or broken.

4.The joint should be tight, and can not loose deformation.

5.When operation, check whether these has abnormal sound and vibration or not, and chain lubrication should be good.

Testing Method: China Link Chain length accuracy should be measured as described below:

1.Before measurement, the chain is cleaned.

2.The chain will be measured on the two sprockets, the measured chain on both sides of the upper and lower should be supported.

3.Before the measurement of the chain should be applied in the third, stay 1min under minimum limit tensile load state.

4.When measuring, apply the specified measuring load on the chain so that the upper and lower sides of the chain tension. 

5.Measure the center distance of the two sprockets.

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