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Code of Maintenance for Electric Hoist

May. 11, 2017

1.Before the use, Electric Hoist reducer must be added 1kg of gear oil, no oil is strictly prohibited boot. 

2.Each class should check whether the fasteners are locked, such as loosening off, the aging of welding and other phenomena should be inspection and maintenance timely. 

3.The transmission parts should always be filled with lubricating oil, homework, if not the normal sound, you should pay attention to observe the gear bite or bearing abnormalities, if abnormal, should be promptly repaired.

4.Electric hoist Wire Rope in the volume into the jane not less than 4 laps, no broken shares, broken wire, fluff, lack of grease and so on. 

5.Electric parts of the hoist should always check, timely removal of dust and replacement of faulty components, pay attention to electrical system security, to avoid electric shock, leakage occurred.

6.The installation of electricity lines need to install a leakage protector.

7.When operation, such as the discovery of brake failure should be promptly repaired or replaced to ensure timely braking, safe and reliable. 

8.Electric Chain Hoist power cord should use 3*2.5 square meters of power.

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