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Do You Know U.S Type Shackle?

May. 26, 2017

U.S Type Shackle is one of the standard shackles in the world. Production for sales of American standard shackles in China is produced in accordance with the United States Crosb shackle usually. U.S Type Shackle is smaller, has lighter weight, higher safety factor comparing to Chinese national standard shackle and Japanese shackle.

U.S Type Shackles are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electricity, railways, water conservancy, ports, mines, construction, wharf, paper, chemical and other industries.

Environment of U.S Type Shackles working requires minus 40 degrees and 120 degrees, it is not suitable for strong alkali strong salt environment with long-term use.

U.S Type Shackles should be scrapped if these follow circumstances arise:

1.There is a crack.

2. Degree of wear is more than 10% of the shackle body.

3. Shackles appear deformation.

4. In the regular security of the tensile test is not compliance with the shackle.

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