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What Is Hydraulic Bottle Jack?

May. 31, 2017

Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a kind of lifting tool commonly used in producing. It is simple to construct, easy to operate. When repairing cars, tractors and other things it is commonly used to lift body. Hydraulic Bottle Jack is based on the principles of Pascal's law. It consists of fuel tank, different sizes of two pressure cylinders, rocker and close the needle valve and other parts of the composition. When working, lift the small piston to suck the oil into the small pressure cylinder, and press the small piston when the oil into the large pressure cylinder. Through the controlling of the two valves, the small piston drives oil pressure to the large piston, to arise the heavy objects. With the small piston constantly reciprocating action, you can put the weight to a certain height. When task completed, open and close the needle valve, so that large pressure cylinder and tank connected. At this time, as long as give the big piston little pressure, the big piston can fall, the oil goes back to the tank.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack