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What Is Claw Jack?

Jun. 03, 2017

Claw Jack is a rigid jack as a working device, it is the small lifting equipment working through the top bracket or the bottom claws to lift the weight in the small trip. This jack is used when the general jack cannot match the height lifting the heavy objects, its rocker can be 270 ° rotation, while reaching the height limit it will automatically return oil.

Do not use other no-explicit oil so avoid the normal use of the jack being affected. When refueling, place the jack in the normal upright position. And the oil is filled until it is overflowed.

The principal axis of claw jack gets a special treatment, which reduces the friction between the upper and lower oil seal, put an end to the common oil spill situation, to prevent from accident occurring. This product has 32 high-precision accessories, absolutely guarantee the safety of users and product quality.

Claw Jack