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The Difference between White Webbing Slings and Other Colors

Jun. 28, 2017

At first sight, from the color difference, the lifting belt is divided into color Webbing Slings and white webbing slings. Color webbing slings’ material is polyester filament (that is, we often say that the 100%PES), the safety factor is 6:1 or 5:1, according to the shape of points can be divided into flat lifting belt and circular lifting belt, flat lifting belt is used 100%PES made by the establishment of the sling suture, and both ends can be used with strong eye or metal parts to improve the strength. Circular lifting belt is made of 100%PES, the internal bearing core surrounded by endless loop shaped, woven into the casing from force to protect the external bearing core using 100%PES. The material of the White Webbing Slings is polypropylene filament (100%PP), the safety factor is 4:1. From the appearance, only the flat lifting belt is made by weaving and stitching.

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