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Distinguish The Webbing Slings from The Thickness and Performance

Jun. 30, 2017

Polyester Lifting Slings have different color, but they are not just divided by color.

From the thickness to distinguish, color lifting belt from 1 ton to 12 tons are two layers, and sometimes 10 tons and 12 tons type has four layers, large tonnage of more than 15 tons, has four layers. White Webbing Slings from 1 tons to 10 tons are four layers, more than 10 tons it will not be produced.

Different from the performance, the color Webbing Slings have the characteristics of large tensile force and good abrasion resistance, and its surface can be hardened by PU, so as to enhance the wear resistance. While the white sling with acid and alkali resistant performance is good, especially the chemical industry spreader plating industry is the ideal, it is suitable for paints products, plastic products, machine tools and the surface treatment or corrosion and pipe and pipe after moisturizing.

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