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Steel of Hydraulic Bottle Jack Effects Deeply

Aug. 16, 2017

Manual tools are mostly meager profit products, and the production is mainly affected by the price of raw materials, such as steel. But the fierce market competition, unified price is not possible, it is equal to the price of individual customers away, no one dare to risk losing market. Under normal circumstances, products sold in other industries, require manual tools industry prices down by about 10% over the previous year, it can be seen that once the steel prices rose sharply, will directly affect the survival of manual tool manufacturers. At the same time, hand tools of the competitiveness of products in addition to the enterprises own reasons, there are a lot of factors are determined by the quality of raw materials, like the quality of steel, which is currently part of the use of hand tools such as Hydraulic Bottle Jack also exists on the surface quality and internal cracking problems, this is the steel smelting technology can not ignore the problem.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack