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Application of Webbing Slings

Feb. 27, 2017

Webbing Slings has excellent features of light weight, high strength, easy maintenance, portable, good chemical resistance, hard to damage the lifting objects surface, it is more and more popular by the use of personnel and replaced the wire rope gradually. Polyester Lifting Sling is increasingly used in contemporary, technology, international lifting construction site. Products are widely used in used in flammable and explosive environments, itself does not produce mars. It is widely used in ships, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical, port, electricity, transportation and other fields. The disadvantage of webbing sling is mainly different from the wire rope, that is when the lifting objects have sharp edges, these sharp side will bring destructive cut for webbing sling, to protect it from cutting injury, can be used a lining between the lifting belt and hanging objects. White Webbing Sling is light and soft, the weight is equal to 25% of the metal sling, it is easy to control, handling and storage. It must be checked if the round sling with a large cut, it can not be repaired or continue to use.

Webbing Slings

Today is 2nd February, Dragon Heads-raising Day, hope everything goes well with everyone in 2017.