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Standards of Lifting Belt

Mar. 06, 2017

Materials: polyester, polypropylene, nylon, DuPont, synthetic fiber.

Type: single layer, double layer, four layers.

Manufacturing materials: 100% polyester

Strength: webbing sling 1T-30T, Round Sling 1T-300T.

Bandwidth: 25mm-150mm.

Elasticity: rated load <10%, ultimate working force 2%-3%.

Load identification: in the process of use, after wearing of the label on the Lifting Belt, it can identify the bearing quality by the color of the outer casing.

Operating temperature: -40-100 degrees.

Safety coefficient: 5: 1 6: 1 7: 1, industry new standard JB/T8521.1-2007.

Representation method: lifting the tonnage.

Lifting Belt