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What Should to Notice When Using Lifting Belt?

Mar. 10, 2017

When using a Webbing Sling with soft lug, the minimum length of lifting lug can not be less than 3.5 times and the maximum thickness of hook in contact part, when connecting the sling and Lifting Clamps with soft lug, they must be in contact always. Also pay attention to some other factor:

1.Do not use damaged lifting sling. Do not twist, twisted straps when hoisting.

2.Do not let the sling tie a knot when using, when moving the lifting belt, do not drag it.

3.Avoid tearing joint parts or overload work, avoid spoliation and shock loads.

4.Checking it carefully before use.

5.Polyester has inorganic acid resistance function, but vulnerable to the organic acid harm.

6.Fiber suitable for places of the most resistant to chemicals.

7.If using round sling under chemical contamination or high temperature condition, you should seek advice from suppliers.

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