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How to Maintain Hand Chain Hoist Correctly?

Mar. 17, 2017

Hand Chain Hoist is a manual lifting machinery and it used simply, carried easily. Pay attention to maintain it:

1.After using hoist, should clean and coat with anti-rust grease, stored in a dry place to prevent the Chain Hoist damp rust and corrosion.

2.Maintenance should be done with operators who are familiar with the hoist institutions, use kerosene to clean hoist parts, add butter lubrication in the gear and bearing parts, prevent people do not understand the machine to disassembly at random. 

3.After cleaning and maintenance, the hand chain hoist should be no load test to confirm the normal work.

4.The friction surface of the brake must be keep clean. 

5.In order to facilitate maintenance and disassembly, one of the bracelet chain not allowed to die.

6.In the process of refueling and using, the brake friction surface must be clean and often check the presence of braking, to prevent the brake from causing the weight to fall.

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