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Electric Hoist Security Check and Installation Precautions

Apr. 06, 2017

Electric Hoist before use, a simple security check is necessary to avoid some abnormal parts problem, do a good job in advance to prevent dangerous work. 

1.The handle controls the direction and brake, limiters are sensitive and accurate. 

2.Wire rope is not defective, lubricated well, neatly arranged. 

3.Motor and reducer rotation without abnormal sound. 

4.Electric hoist track and personnel walking area without obstacles.

5.Hooks and Pulley can be flexibly rotated.

Electric chain hoist installation is very important work, not only to prepare before the installation, but also to pay attention to the specific installation. 

1.Ir order to ensure the electric hoist to run to both ends of the track when the derailment or to prevent the collision damage to the body, it should be set at both ends of the track elastic buffer.

2.When installation, check the fixed wire rope with the plug whether it is loose or not

3.All power circuits of electrical devices, control circuit of the ground resistance shall not be less than the per volt voltage 10000Ω.

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