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General Requirements of Lifting Clamps

Apr. 13, 2017

Lifting Clamp is a tool for lifting steel objects. Horizontal hanging steel clamp has a uniform distribution of the characteristics of horizontal lifting, in the lifting operation, the hanging jaw open, firmly clamped in the work, of the heavy objects and then lifting, when disassembling, the weight should be grounded without load, remove the hanging clamp. Vertical Lifting Clamp with self-locking device, safe and reliable work. It easy to operate and maintenance, high efficiency. 

1.Lifting clamps surface should be smooth, welding should be penetration, no slag, no welding deformation.

2.It should not have cracks, broken, rings, shaft holes and other cracks.

3.It should be sliding freely.

4.Lifting clamp should be used for free forging or forging manufacturing.

5.It can be opened in the jaws of the two places to choose the appropriate location to wear signs, measured the distance of the mark, as the basis for the detection of deformation.

Lifting Clamp