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Hand Chain Hoist Reliability Test

Aug. 23, 2017

There is Hand Chain Hoist reliability test.

In the material testing machine, through the center hook cavity gradually loading to 2 times the rated load for 1min and then remove the load, check the hook mouth deformation, it shall not exceed 0.25%.

On the material testing machine, the hook shall be able to reliably support the 1min by gradually loading the center of the hook cavity to 4 times the rated load.

Reliability test: at rated load, do the forward and reverse continuous reciprocating rod, so that the wire rope from the cumulative stroke is not less than 120m (which can be divided into four times, but each time the wire rope cumulative stroke is 30m, each time between the intermittent time of less than 1h. Steel rope is not allowed to be replaced in the test. Each part of the chain hoist shall not be abnormal.

Hand Chain Hoist